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Our sustainability commitment

LOLA’s sustainability initiatives are at the core of who we are. From our physical products to our manufacturing practices, we do our best to be mindful of our footprint.

Our products: 

- All of our period products are packaged in recyclable and/or compostable materials.

- Our certified 100% organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and goes through a non-toxic cleansing process that uses oxygen instead of chlorine bleach.

- Our plastic applicators are BPA-free and cardboard applicators are FSC-certified.

Our packaging: 

-Unlike other period care companies selling in bulk, we don’t box individual products or sell in packs in order to reduce extra packaging and waste. Our unit carton boxes are Green-e, Green Seal™, made from 80% post-consumer waste paperboard and processed chlorine-free.

How we work: 

We take waste, energy and water use reduction into account when evaluating potential contract manufacturers, and hold them to Environmental Standards as part of our GOTS certification process, as well as our Vendor Compliance Manual.