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Regular plastic applicator tampon, 3-pack



Each compact set includes a trio of our bestselling regular absorbency tampons. Perfect for on-the-go guests and travelers.

• Made with 100% organic cotton

 • Great for on-the-go use

• Hypoallergenic — safe for sensitive skin

• Stylish packaging for sleek display

• Available for resale at your gym, hotel, or spa

Our Ingredients

Can we tell you a secret? The FDA doesn’t require us to disclose exactly what’s in our tampons. We do it, anyway. 


Made with

• 100% organic cotton

• BPA-free plastic applicator


Made without

• Synthetic fibers

• Chemical additives

• Fragrances

• Dyes

• Chlorine bleach


Pure and Simple

We proudly make our tampons with 100% organic cotton. And that’s it. We’ll never use rayon, polyester, or any of the mystery ingredients that are typically listed after disclaimers like “may contain.”

And unlike brands that advertise tampons with a 100% organic cotton core (read: the outer layer contains synthetic stuff), we only use organic cotton, inside and out.

The result? Hypoallergenic, high-quality tampons your employees and guests can trust.


How do most hospitality groups offer this 3-pack of tampons?

Excellent question. Most organizations either resell them as part of their mini-bar offering or sundries stores, or provide them free of charge in-room or behind the front desk.

How much should we resell them for?

Please reach out to business@mylola.com to discuss suggested retail price.