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Pads with wings (Heavy)

Units/Case: 250


Breathable cotton, flexible wings, and 2 absorbencies ensure guests and employees feel confidently protected through the day.

• Made with 100% organic cotton

• Innovative hourglass shape for optimal fit (and coverage)

• Ultra thin, discreet protection people love

• Ultra thin, discreet protection people love

• Hypoallergenic — safe for sensitive skin

• Stylish packaging for sleek display

Our Ingredients

Can we tell you a secret? The FDA doesn't require us to disclose exactly what's in our pads. We do it, anyway.

Made with

• 100% organic cotton

 Plant-based, waterproof backing

• Non-toxic adhesive


Made without

• Synthetic fibers

• Fragrance

• Deodorant

• Dyes

• Chlorine bleach

• Latex

• Parabens

• Formaldehyde

• Chlorine bleach


Comfort to the core

Our philosophy on pads and liners is simple: it should be made with high-quality, natural ingredients that feel good. So, we skip the synthetics altogether.

Newly redesigned, our pads offer even better protection: an hourglass shape that naturally fits underwear, adhesive wings that don't budge, and made with 100% organic cotton for seriously soft and breathable comfort anyone would love.


Why should I offer pads? Data shows that that women in America actually buy more pads than tampons,* yet many communal bathrooms offer tampons alone. Offering pads in addition to tampons ensures you accommodate anyone who needs a period product. *Source: Nielsen x AOC Sanitary Pad and Tampon Category Unit Volume JFM19 and FY18Which pad absorbency should I offer? To accommodate the different stages and flows of a menstrual cycle, we encourage you to supply your bathroom with a variety of absorbencies. If you're only able to choose one absorbency, we recommend Regular absorbency pads as a good starting point.