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Compact plastic applicator tampons (Regular)

Units/Case: 1600


Our #1 bestselling tampon in our widest range of absorbencies. Powerful leak protection whenever you need it.

 Made with 100% organic cotton
 Pocket-size applicator for discreet display
 Designed to protect against leaks
 Hypoallergenic — safe for sensitive skin
 Available in Light, Regular, Super, and Super+ absorbencies

Our Ingredients

Can we tell you a secret? The FDA doesn't require us to disclose exactly what's in our tampons. We do it, anyway.

Made with

• 100% organic cotton

• BPA-free plastic applicator 

Made without

• Synthetic fibers

• Chemical additives

• Fragrance 

• Dyes

• Chlorine bleach


Pure and simple
We proudly make our tampons with 100% organic cotton. And that’s it. We’ll never use rayon, polyester, or any of the mystery ingredients that are typically listed after disclaimers like “may contain.”

And unlike brands that advertise tampons with a 100% organic cotton core (read: outer layers may contain synthetic stuff), we use organic cotton, all the way through.

The result? Hypoallergenic, high-quality tampons your employees and guests can trust.


Are LOLA compact plastic applicator tampons recyclable?
LOLA compact applicator tampons are packaged sustainably in a recyclable plastic wrapper. Our compact applicators are made of recyclable BPA-free plastic, but because they come in contact with menstrual fluid, we always instruct customers to contact their local recycling facility to ensure that they do not classify tampon applicators as a biohazard and unsuitable for recycling.

Which absorbencies should I get?
To accommodate the different stages and flows of a menstrual cycle, we encourage you to supply your bathroom with a variety of absorbencies — from Light to Super+. If you're only able to choose one absorbency, we recommend Regular absorbency tampons as a good starting point.