Cleansing wipes

Units/Case: 1200


Everyone could use a quick refresh. Our unisex wipes are for life's messy moments: on your period, at the gym, on the go.

 The first all-natural wipe of its kind
 Individually packaged — great for on-the-go
 Safe for head-to-toe use

Our Ingredients

We skip the irritating additives and fragrance, in favor of ingredients that maintain balance and moisture.


Made with

 100% organic cotton
 Gluconic Acid
 Sodium Benzoate  Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract


Made without

• Alcohol 

• Fragrance

• Parabens

• Synthetic preservatives 

• Sulfates 


Freshness for all

Made with 100% organic cotton soaked in a purified water solution, our cleansing wipes leave anyone feeling refreshed — and help maintain the body's natural pH balance. Free of any harsh or risky chemicals, your employees or guests, both male and female, never have to worry about dryness or irritation. All they'll feel is freshness when it matters most.


How do I dispose of LOLA's cleansing wipes?
Used wipes should be thrown away in the garbage. Never use a wipe more than once, and please do not flush them! Because they are sustainably made of 100% organic cotton, which is naturally a thick and strong fiber, our wipes can easily cause blockages in your plumbing or septic system.

How are LOLA's cleansing wipes made?
Our cleansing wipes are sustainably made here in the USA. We source 100% organic cotton grown in Texas, which is then safely cleaned with an oxygen-based solution (we skip the harsh chlorine bleach and risky chemicals).

Why should I offer cleansing wipes?
Our unisex cleansing wipes are great for anyone who needs a refresh to feel their best. They're safe to use anywhere on the body, meaning they're the perfect solution for sweaty workouts, messy periods, long commutes, or just for a midday pick-me-up. Since they're individually packaged, they're also great to take on the go.

Where should I offer cleansing wipes?
Employees and guests will appreciate refreshing cleansing wipes any time, anywhere: bathrooms, locker rooms, lactation rooms, hotel rooms, the list goes on...