Period Care is not a luxury

It's a necessity

74% of people with periods want free period products in their office, but only 17% actually do. Ready to change that? We help workplaces, gyms, and hotels stock their bathrooms with premium period products so every employee and guest feels supported.

“Having LOLA products... is one way that we provide anticipatory service to Convene WorkPlace members...Our clients cannot say enough great things about the products and how they make for a better workday experience.” – Sarah, Hospitality + Purchasing Manager, Convene

“The team loves them…and is appreciative that we supply...thoughtful feminine products for the office” – Casey, Executive Assistant, Daily Harvest

“Lola products are wonderful! They make it so easy to order and we're always stocked. We love having the products here in our bathrooms and our guests are so thankful for the products.” - Alyssa, Studio Manager, Alo Yoga
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